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Highest-Quality Suppressor Rebuilds, Custom Suppressors, Custom Rifle Builds and Gunsmithing Services.

Custom Shop - Custom Gunsmith Services

Shaw Armament Systems is not only committed to manufacturing the highest-quality suppressors, but we are dedicated to bringing you the most detailed, innovative, and professional gunsmith services available through our Custom Shop.

Industry-recognized Joseph Jones, owner of CTSR (Curtis Tactical Suppressors & Rifles) and acquired by Shaw Armament Systems, has joined Shaw Armament Systems as a Vice President and is now leading our suppressor innovation, custom gunsmith shop, and gunsmith services.

Custom Gunsmith Services

Shaw Armament Systems Custom Shop and Custom Gunsmith Services Include

Suppressor Rebuild

We provide a suppressor rebuild service with suppressor recoring. This includes a full suppressor rebuild with new caps and baffles, baffles only, and or repair.
We also convert suppressors to a different mount, providing a custom mount to fit your existing suppressor.

Custom Suppressors

SAS will build a custom suppressor to fit your needs. We will review and confirm your requirements with you, Then design and build a custom barrel mounted suppressor or integrally suppressed barrel or firearm.

Custom Rifle Builds

We custom build hunting rifles, match rifles, bench-rest bolt action rifles, and AR style rifles to fit any need.


Our gunsmith services include custom machining, barrel threading, RMR cuts and other, custom trigger jobs, functional gun repair, gun inspection, gun parts and installation, and firearm maintenance with full cleaning and gun inspection services.

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Suppresor Accessories

From our patented rapid chuck mount to other accessories, they are ready to ship.