ThunderCan Integral Silencers

SAS ThunderCan Integral MP5SD Suppressors

ThunderCan Integral MP5SD Suppressors

The MP5SD is one of the most loved and iconic firearms of the last fifty year. Shaw Armament Systems is proud to present our own ThunderCan Hardwired MP5SD Suppressors to the market. Our Hardwired MP5SD system is available as a standalone suppressor ready for your host, in-house conversions for your firearm, as well as a complete firearm ready just for you.

Our integral platforms are shorter OAL than a standard barrel mounted suppressed rifle. This means the suppressor volume is increased by using over-the-barrel airspace. Decibel reduction is typically improved by 15-20% compared to a standard barrel mounted suppressor.

Built on a Factory H&K SP5 and completely remarked as an MP5SD utilizing the ThunderCan Integral Suppressor. This MP5SD is completely to spec as the original.

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ThunderCan Integral MP5SD Suppressors Specifications

Available in Anodized Aluminum- For ultimate weight reduction
Available in Stainless Steel- For a lifetime of rugged use and abuse as well as a full auto rating
Available in Titanium- For weight reduction and exceptional durability
Our MP5SD is available in the stock original 12.2” configuration
MP5SD Custom 8.5” and 10.5” configurations are also available
In-house MP5SD conversion services for a number of platforms, including the AR9, CZ Scorpion, and Sig Sauer MPX to accept our MP5 integral suppressor


6061 Type III Anodized Tube
6061 Type III Anodized Baffles (Titanium available at upcharge)
LENGTH: 8.5″, 10.5″, 12.2″
WEIGHT: 7.2, 8.3, 8.9 Ounces
Full Auto Rated

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